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White Shaker
10x10 from $1896
Classic White Shaker
10x10 from $2165
Ice White Shaker
10x10 from $2093
Verona White
10x10 from $2093
Bristol White
10x10 from $2093
Ice Frosted Shaker
10x10 from $1983
Tahoe White
10x10 from $1983
Cream Maple
10x10 from $2175
Pearl Glaze
10x10 from $2093
Antique White
10x10 from $1983
Cream Shaker
10x10 from $1983
Grey Maple
10x10 from $2072
Dove Shaker
10x10 from $1983
Tahoe Dove
10x10 from $1983
Grey Shaker
10x10 from $1983
Greystone Shaker
10x10 from $2093
Oak Shaker
10x10 from $1075
10x10 from $1635
Savannah Maple
10x10 from $1893
Cafe Latte
10x10 from $1495
Mocha Maple
10x10 from $1996
Chestnut Glaze
10x10 from $2007
Sienna Rope
10x10 from $1847
Randolph Walnut
10x10 from $1650
Cherry Glaze
10x10 from $1496
Mahogany Maple
10x10 from $2141
Chocolate Maple
10x10 from $2080
Signature Brownstone
10x10 from $1821
Chocolate Mahogany
10x10 from $1843
Sienna Shaker
10x10 from $2097
Mocha Shaker
10x10 from $1893
Espresso Glaze
10x10 from $1493
Espresso Shaker
10x10 from $1779
Espresso Maple
10x10 from $2072
Distressed Black
10x10 from $2439



Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling: Selection and Layout

Re-designing or renovating kitchens will require kitchen cabinet remodeling in a major or minor way. Being the building blocks of the heart of homes, your cabinets play a crucial role in both aesthetics and organization in the area. And to ensure project success, this article discusses tips to make the selection less overwhelming and the basics to an efficient kitchen cabinet layout.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling: Selection

Today, cabinetry comes in a very wide range of choices making shopping a bit confusing and difficult to some. To help you narrow down the options it is important to contemplate on crucial details before shopping for cabinets:

- Kitchen Style - choose a combination of finish and door profile that will complement beautifully with the current interior design. Consider the color scheme as well as the theme. You will find a selection of options that matches with traditional or contemporary, and for a classic touch that allows flexibility in design you can choose collections sporting simple, elegant lines such as American Shaker style.
- Space vs. Storage Needs - How much storage do you need? How much available space do you have? These two important questions should be addressed by choosing the right cabinetry units to include in your collection. Make sure to take careful measurements. For homeowners working on smaller kitchens, there are innovative types to choose from such as corner cabinets with Lazy Susans, bridge wall cabinets, tall and slim-sized pantries, appliance garage, as well as accessories and upgrades that help maximize space.

Taking this step saves you from hours and hours of browsing and choosing the wrong set, and the delay and wasted money you would have to spend on product returns.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling: Layout

The layout you choose for your kitchen cabinet remodeling project will depend on the size and shape of available space. A basic element for well designed kitchens is implementing a work triangle. This will include important points that involve the refrigerator, sink and cooking areas. The concept of a work triangle layout is making these crucial areas close enough to each other for convenience when working in the heart of homes without being cramped. Looking for inspiration from interior design magazines and websites would be helpful.

While working on the layout for your kitchen cabinet remodeling project, here are tips and factors to consider to help create the most efficient work triangle possible:

- If you are planning on a kitchen island, make sure there is ample space between the fronting base cabinets for walking room. To make the layout ADA compliant, you can allot 3 feet, or if the space is limited, a two-feet allowance will do.
- When drafting kitchen cabinet layout, take note of existing electrical lines, gas supplies, and plumbing.
- Make sure there is enough pantry space for cooking and food supplies near the stove.
- Enlist accurate measurements of appliances and other fixtures such as sinks that you need to work around in your kitchen cabinet remodeling. If you plan to buy new ones, allow standard allowance of 30 inches for range, 36 inches for a large refrigerator, and 24 inches for a dishwasher.


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