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Kitchen cabinet trends for 2014


2014 seems to be the year for fashionable kitchens which will also be known as the most functional spaces in the whole, more so than ever before. But all in the garb of style and fashion. Some of the recent trends are definitely veering towards the minimalistic style, a style that has found its Renaissance in modern times. There is an overall feeling of compelling freshness in the design and outlook that define the latest trends. What is perhaps amazing is the absolute minimal fuss that comes along with these designs. 2014 has just begun and yet it has already heralded a new era of beauty in simplicity that will change the way we view kitchen concepts from now on.

So what do the new trends entail?

Efficiency and chic style – A key focus for designers this year is blending the functional needs with the sleek cover of absolute style. This efficiency will be highlighted with the right countertops and the right cabinets which will be well equipped with a wide variety of storage options, from pull out trays and corner shelves to make maximum utilization of space.

Blend of open and closed shelves – This functionality and style is amply reflected in the use of regular closed shelves juxtaposed with trendy open ones. Yes, there will be lots of storage options provided but now with the clever use of space with nice open shelves there will be opportunity to not just store but also decorate and display as per individual tastes.

Light and neutral shades – This will not be a year for dramatic, per se. It calls for a more neutral palette and a clever use of these subdued tones to create an elegance that will make an enduring statement. There will be more uses of monochromes this year than ever before but that does not mean that the 2014 kitchens are going to be dull and drab. On the contrary, one will perhaps see the most exciting and dramatic use of colors in the coming months, each promising to transform this little space into the star of the house.

Wonderful blends and combos – There is a promise to break away from tradition and create wonderful combos right from the manufacturing stage. Wood and glass will not be blended for mere cosmetic purposes but also for functional ones. Now wood will provide the main support while open glass shelves will provide the perfect platform for display. They can also be used to store everyday stuff that one needs to use now and then.

Simple and sleek lines – Whatever may be the make of the cabinets, the bottom line for designs will be simplicity. There is definitely a strong influence of the Shaker style in many 2014 designs. More will be reflected in their light and airy feel, in the clean and sleek lines of the Shaker and Japanese minimalist tones of the upcoming designs.