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Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets – Chocolate Mahogany

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The Chocolate Mahogany series is truly one of its kind. It brings with the richness of the chocolate hue which combines with the intrinsic beauty of the birch to create unique ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. The dark color is designed to blend in well with the polished or hand scraped wooden floorings that are riding the current interior trend. But surprisingly enough there is an element of universal beauty to these cabinets that make it easy for homeowners to match them with all kinds of décors. This means that these cabinets not only make great interiors for new homes but also makes great additions to the existing homes which need kitchen renovations.

The moment you mention the shade mahogany one can immediately conjure up images of solid wood and a rich color that adds a quiet elegance to the interiors. The Chocolate Mahogany does just that to the new age kitchens of today. These rta kitchen cabinets are made from the solid birch wood and combined with high quality plywood for the cabinet boxes themselves. You will find absolute absence of particle boards in these constructions which explain why they are so superior to the typical RTA products available in the market. There is no compromise for quality with these products.

As far as the construction of these cabinets, you will get the perfect balance of strength and weight. As mentioned before, the cabinet boxes are made of plywood as are the shelves within. On the other hand you will find the use of solid wood the making of the doors, drawers and drawer fronts which even out the heaviness that would otherwise make these cabinets cumbersome to carry or set up. The door face is framed and has a MDF center while the 5/8"T solid wood drawers are perfectly dovetailed. Thus with the Chocolate Mahogany you can get the strength of wood and designs of a custom make in the price of kitchen cabinets.

There are very few such products in the market that can assure such impeccable quality and yet be so reasonably priced. Branded ready to assemble cabinets have come into the market to bridge the yawning gap between expensive custom cabinets and the cheap RTA products which did nothing to assure users of value or quality. But now there are options like the Chocolate Mahogany which can transform a kitchen into a designer space in no time at all. There is minute attention to detail in these carefully crafted cabinets which have even the sides and interiors finished in matching wood shades.

What makes these Chocolate Mahogany kitchen cabinets even more popular is that they are super easy to install with the ready to assemble packaging that they come with along with step by step instructions. They take much less time and money to set up thus saving on both labor costs and one’s time. Not to mention how the fast installation helps give every project a faster lead time.