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Java Shaker

Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets – Java Shaker

The moment one hears the name Java Shaker there is a feeling of something exotic in the air. This all Birch wood ready to assemble kitchen range offers an elegant and stylish ambience for those who want a kitchen with a difference. There is no use of particle board anywhere in the whole range. From the doors and face frames, the drawers and drawer fronts everything is made of solid wood. The standard of quality and the smooth functionality offered by this range will be difficult to get anywhere else in the market. You get exclusive style of customized makes at the price of the simple and generic.

While the drawers are dovetailed the drawer fronts as well as the doors come with full overlay in the essential Shaker style. The drawer glides are under-mount and come with full extension. Storage woes are a thing of the past with new age ready to assemble kitchen ranges. Now you can enjoy soft closing drawers which allow you to store more and have deeper access inside easing your storage pains. The cabinet boxes are made of 1/2" plywood while the shelves are made of 5/8" plywood. The hinges on the cabinets are concealed and adjusted 6 ways making them easy to maintain and maneuver.

The classic presence and uniqueness that is Shaker is evident in every aspect of the Java Shaker range. You get the clean lines, the functionality, the ease of use, the promise of strength and quality all at the same time. But more than that, this particular range exudes beauty. It combines the inner simplicity of the Shaker tradition with the simple sophistication of contemporary designs to create a range that can blend in with any kind of kitchen instantly. If you are redoing your kitchen while the rest of your house remains as it is, this is one style that can easily blend in.

The Cognac color lends the look of sophistication and the moment you step into kitchen you will have a feel of the elegant and the classic in your surroundings. That doesn’t mean that it lacks warmth. On the contrary, the Java Shaker offers a warm and comforting atmosphere that is sure to dispel the fatigue of the day every time you walk in. The sides are finished in this matching color while the interiors are done in the natural birch color adding more space and light inside the cabinets.

Setting up this ready to assemble kitchen is a piece of cake. And you don’t have need complicated tools to meet the purpose. All you need is staplers and wood glue. The package comes equipped with detailed instruction booklet which will take step by step through the whole assembling process. Setting it up is also easy because it is made in the true Shaker style which imbibes simplicity of design above all else. The key is make life easy for the user, from day one and make this feeling last a long long time. It is difficult to go wrong with a style that offers only positive vibes in every single aspect of its make and look.