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Chocolate Mahogany

CONSTRUCTION   All wood, no particle board*
COLOR   Chocolate with dark glaze
FINISH   UV coating stain
SIDES COLOR   Matches cabinet front
DOOR/DRAWER PROFILE   Recessed panel doors and drawer fronts
HINGES   Concealed, soft-closing, adjustable
DRAWER SLIDES   Soft closing, undermount, full extension
INTERIOR   Natural color
ASSEMBLY   Screwdriver - metal cleats Instructions
FULL SPECIFICATIONS   Click here for full specifications
SHIPS IN   2-3 business days
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FREE SHIPPING   Orders over $1600 qualify for free shipping.
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We no longer offer this cabinet line.

Types of Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen remodeling or improvement is a big job which takes time, money and a lot of concentration, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional. It’s your kitchen and ultimately it is your convenience which is the aim and your ideas which will find fruition. While your kitchen needs to match the rest of your house, it needs to be a place which emanates warmth, comfort and ease. It needs to have ample storage, should be easy to clean and be easy on the eyes as well. Take a look at the contemporary kitchen cabinets options which will balance the whole look and feel of your renewed kitchen.

Wood – Wood is the classic element in all kinds of décor and Chocolate Mahogany cabinets is a good example of contemporary wood cabinets. But there is no reason why it shouldn’t be modern as well. There are innumerable types of wood available that can make great cabinets. Every kind is unique in its color, texture and style. You can choose from hardwood options, dark colored finishes or simply color a basic texture to match your new walls. The best part of wood is its durability and the strength of character which adds to the overall ambience of your kitchen. If traditional solid wood is too expensive for your budget you can also opt for durable plywood which is cheaper and lighter but quite durable. These can be laminated to match your theme and waxed to shine to perfection.

Metal – Metals are the latest additions to modern kitchen themes. For those who prefer the minimalistic designs will love the sleek yet simple look and feel of metal. By nature, metals are sturdy and long lasting and are used in every type of construction and design that needs permanence. The most common choice is of course stainless steel. They are durable, trendy and require very low maintenance. They are easy to clean and least susceptible to stains or scratches. The sleek and modern feel comes with being highly functional. The use of metal in kitchen cabinets is not restricted to just apartments or condos. Even the traditional and large houses are now combining metal along with wood to add the modern and different look to the kitchen. It is appealing in its simplicity, in its ease of maintenance and characteristic uniqueness.

Glass – The use of glass is a recent trend in kitchen décor that is fast gaining popularity. In a small kitchen space glass can give an impression of space and light and completely mitigate the closed look. In a large sprawling kitchen the use of glass adds to the feeling of space and reflects light more to make it bright and beautiful. The wonder of glass is that it can be used by itself and can also be combined with other elements like the traditional wood, the contemporary metal or the sturdy granite. In fact, blending glass with these other materials not just enhances the look, but also negates the worry that your kitchen cabinets are more prone to damage. But even if you opt for just glass, you will get numerous options of hard glass materials that have the capability of standing steady and sturdy through years.

Contemporary kitchen cabinets are an integral part of the modern kitchen décor. Once you have zeroed in on your theme, do some research to see which of these options would best suit your kitchen remodel plans.