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Chestnut Shaker

Chestnut Shaker
CONSTRUCTION   All wood, no particle board
COLOR   Natural Birch with Lacquer Finish
DOORS & DRAWER FRONTS   Solid wood, partial overlay, shaker style
DRAWERS   Solid wood
FACE FRAME   3/4" solid wood
CABINET BOX   1/2" plywood
SHELVES   1/2" plywood
DRAWER GLIDES   Side mount, 3/4" extension
HINGES   Concealed, adjustable
SIDES   Finished in matching color
INTERIOR   Finished in matching color
ASSEMBLY TOOLS   Camlock assembly Instructions
SHIPS IN   2-3 business days
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RTA Cabinets – Chestnut Shaker

The Shaker style is marked by the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. For centuries now they have adorned American homes and services generations with the same sturdy quality that marked their origin. Now you can apply this robust feature and strong lines to furnish your kitchen and that too in the form of an easy to install ready to assemble kitchen. One of the most popular brands in this segment is the Chestnut Shaker which has exemplified the Shaker tradition with its simple and elegant finish and the warm hue that it brings to the kitchen.

Created out of birch wood, the Chestnut Shaker is unlike any other product in this category. There is no use of board here; instead you will have cabinets made of all natural birch wood that come with the lacquer finish. The natural dark chestnut color adds a touch of warmth and coziness to the kitchen naturally and at the same time lends an air of sophistication to your décor. Opting for these rta cabinets allow you to enjoy and showcase style in an amazingly affordable price.

Key features of the Chestnut Shaker cabinets:

  • The doors and drawer fronts of these cabinets are made of solid wood with partial overlay. This means that they are specially built for not just daily use but also long term use without fear of easy damage. The Shaker style design makes it easy to clean and maintain with simple home gadgets.
  • The drawers themselves are also made of solid wood making them strong and sturdy. Ordinarily this would make them heavy and hard to use but they are placed on side mount drawer glides with 3/4" extension which makes them easy to maneuver.
  • As for the cabinet box and shelves, they are made of 1/2" plywood. The face frame is constructed out of 3/4" solid wood and the hinges are concealed and adjustable. The sides as well as the interiors are finished in matching color which creates a uniform look throughout.

The simple lines highlight the minimalism that the Shaker style is known for. What makes them stand apart is that now this minimalism has seamlessly blended in with modern day functionality in the ready to assemble cabinets. Before this came into the picture, there would be only one way to create a Chestnut Shaker kitchen – opting for a customized modular kitchen. There is a matter of cost which is associated with customized kitchens not to mention the time involved to complete the project.

Fortunately the advent of the Chestnut Shaker ready to assemble kitchen both cost and time is no longer major issue or hurdle when it comes to choosing the perfect kitchen for your home. With the help of the detailed Camlock assembly Instructions and everyday assembly tools it is now easy for anyone to assemble and set up the kitchen from scratch. In no time at all you will have a stylish and sophisticated kitchen to showcase and a robust long lasting quality to enjoy for years.